Sunday 30 September 2007

Mobile Camp London: CuteCircuit wearables

bluetooth t-shirt with touch sensors & heat+vibration actuators
hug yourself & send action to application on phone, then send that hug to other people
can also send hugs to friends if you don't have a shirt -- use the HugMe software
can send to multiple people
when you connect after leaving it in your cupboard for a while, the phone prompts you: "there is a hug waiting. do you want to feel it now?"
children wanted to invent a touch language to communicate in class
power mesh rather than wires (silver coated mesh) with low power
bluetooth brain on back (only hard piece -- rest is soft)
can wash by removing battery & hug pads -- circuits are waterproof
unfortunately, demo shirts were left behind after they visited Wired NextFest -- a film company wants to use them in film (with Hiro from Heroes in it)
question: when will the shorts will be released...?
Mobile Phone Dress
When you swing the arm up to your ear it answers the call -- swinging your arm down, hangs up
Microphone and headphone in sleeve; aerial in hem of dress so doesn't give you high radiation
(side comment: jawbone -- world's best noise cancelling bluetooth headset: $100 but leagues ahead of anyone else)
problem: listening to music while you skate -- don't want to have iPod hanging around so it doesn't get bashed
instead have a hoodie that is a music player -- transfer music into it by plugging a USB stick into it
also enables sharing USB sticks with your friends (don't want to lend them your iPod, but a stick only costs a few quid)
headphones are embedded in fabric in the hood
controls are little indentations on the arm, have to learn which indentation is which

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