Saturday, 29 September 2007

Mobile Camp London: Mobile Social Networks -- Kwame @ Fjord

Service design leader for Fjord, responsible for rolling out services e.g. Yahoo Go!

Background sociable media
About to start rolling out a mobile social network which is not yet live

Vizster -- visualization of social networks
People becoming aware of the network itself and of its structure

Phone address book is the real social network (is it? surely it's just another model...)
Flash mobs illustrate this -- SMS virally passed on to your friends

Most tools on mobile come from PC downwards
Social tools (voice, text) come from mobile upwards

Augmented reality on groups to provide social introductions
Overlay people with tags of their interests

Buds, 2002
you intersect people all the time, would be nice to get something from that serendipity
coil of surrounding images -- larger areas for longer time over the day

real social networks:
whole groups of people move together so that communication can be maintained
see also Flirtomatic from Fjord (UK's largest virtual flower delivery service... 100m page views last month)

have routines that we don't change -- lines of flight
very difficult to move people from their current line of flight

gang member gunned down by the police so that they could get his SIM card and thus his contacts...

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