Sunday 25 November 2007

BarCamp London: What is HTML5? - Kai Hendry

Kai Hendry is the angry young man who stormed out of the Vodafone/Novarra presentation at Mobile Monday London. He has a similar disposition to Luca Passani, only more so…

HTML 5 evolutionary rather than revolutionary — taking hints from what is actually supported by the browsers

WHATWG specs include good descriptions of what a browser does with tags

As opposed to W3C saying XHTML is the way to go — not backwardly compatible

W3C invited WHATWG to work with them

Bits that are new

Web Forms 2.0 — supported now in Opera — provides declarative validation in HTML (javascript not needed)

HTML5 validator

Also adding video & audio into the markup (as supported by Web Kit & Opera)

Dropped DOCTYPEs (browsers actually ignore them…)

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