Friday 4 April 2008

OverTheAir: MIDP3 -- Paul Su (Aplix) & Óscar Gutiérrez Isiégas (Vodafone)

Recommended book: Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA

Aplix make a MIDP3 implementation.

MIDP 3.0 Expert Group is now looking for feedback from developer community on the specification. You can comment on the specification by logging in to and submitting tickets to the JSR-271 project.


  • CLDC 1.1.1 — minor improvement, adds permissions classes as used by new framework, also adds some inverse trig functions
  • Concurrency now mandatory — spec mandates behaviour: must be able to support at least two MIDlets at once
  • Shared libraries — LIBlets
    • LIBlets are executed in the context of the MIDlet
  • MIDlets running in the background can request user notification
  • Applications can restrict which other apps can make use of it — completely independent from permission model
  • Existing permission model still in place for legacy MIDlets, but MIDP 3 has more fine-grained permissions similar to CDC
    • Still held to ransom by certificates on the device being controlled by the operator
  • MIDlet can consume and publish events between each other and the system (e.g. power on)
  • Auto-start, Screensaver & Idle screen MIDlets
    • Auto-start MIDlets will attempt to restart when they’re shutdown
    • Idle screen MIDlets can define a derivative of a CustomItem and the phone will display it somewhere on the idle screen
  • Can interchange Record Store data between phones and to and from the network. Can also encrypt RMS data to protect it
  • Image display support now includes mandatory PNG, GIF, JPEG & SVG Tiny 1.?
  • Custom OpenType fonts — defined in the JAR or downloaded from the network

There are more details about some of these points in the masterclass session that Paul and Oscar ran previously. Here's the slides:


Probably get final draft review completed by Q3 2008…

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