Monday 17 November 2008

Future of Mobile 08: Threats & Opportunities of Increasing Openness

Rudy de Waele — M Trends (currently works at

Full slides now available from slideshare. My notes follow...

Future Of Mobile
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  • Moving towards the “internet of things”
  • Heading towards open networks (700MHz auction)
  • Steve Demeter — Trism — earnt $250K in two months
    • Paid designer $500
  • US is now catching up with Europe
    • Went from RAZR-style phones straight to iPhone
    • Hasn’t been a large take up of other smart phones before iPhone
    • though there was plenty of take up of Blackberry…
  • 700MHz auction won by Verizon & AT&T
    • Google didn’t win it, but ensured that winner must be open:
      • Open apps -- should be able to download any apps, content or services
      • Open devices — should be able to use any compatible device
      • Open services — anyone can become an MNO via reselling
      • Open networks — anyone should be able to interconnect
  • Sweet spot in the middle of Presence, Community & Location
  • User experience is key:
    Rudy de Waele's view of User Experience
  • Examples:
    • Future of mobile search - Mac Funamizu
      • Transparent screen — provides further information on whatever you see through it
      • Thought it was was in the future but, Paul Otellini of Intel showed example of translation device working with camera at Web 2.0 in November
      • Take photo of Chinese signs & see translation
      • Also shows further info on restaurant menus
    • Citysense — real time night life
    • Brio network:
      • Tangible interaction with networks
    • Agilewaves — home utility measuring
    • Smule — Lighter + Ocarina
  • Lots of growth in developing countries

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