Monday 26 October 2009

BarCampLondon7: Social Manipulation on the web and in person

Tim Nash

Social Engineering is still just as valid as ever…

  • If asked for photo ID, people will give it up willingly
  • given a photo ID with details, you can call up somewhere and say you’ve forgotten your ID
  • often the front desk will give you a new ID…
  • people are more likely to buy when there’s an official badge…
    • doesn’t really matter what the badge is
    • virtually no-one who clicks on the badge actually purchases
    • but buy rate will increase anyway
  • paypal did an experiment about a year ago
    • to see if it made a difference to not use the word PayPal on their “paypal verified” badges
    • made no difference to sales conversions
    • click-through rate to paypal went down
  • certain colours affect buying moods
    • brain doesn’t like bright colours
    • big red “buy now” button does not attract people — your eyes will avoid it
    • instead have a big grey “buy now” button with two red arrows on either side
    • eye tracking study shows people look for price and “buy now” button
    • sales rates go up when the price is just above the buy now button
  • best place for comments on a blog:
    • new comment box just under post
    • other comments can be down the side
  • use the word “reply” rather than “submit” comment
  • scienceforseo blog
    • highlight a part of the text and the comment will appear alongside

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