Monday 11 October 2010

MomoLondon: Demo Night

I’m catching up on blog posts slowly. This one’s the Mobile Monday London Demo Night from 13th September… Together with Ewan and Sergio (manfully representing FuturePlatforms), I was presenting my Over The Air hack from the weekend (see previous post) and I was consequently suffering from a lack of sleep. Here’s a quick run down of the other presentations:


  • upload music to psonar
  • get at music on any HTML5 connected device by streaming or downloading

roulette cricket

  • great idea
  • impressive implementation by FuturePlatforms, as usual…
  • £2.50/month to play for prizes, or a revenue share from bets


  • mobile notepad for the things you want
  • enhanced with smart searches & geolocation:
    •, cnet, imdb, yelp
  • mobile design a little too small for hands… need to follow Apple HIG on Android too :-)
  • user research: found that people take photos, or save a draft SMS but then forget
    • wanted to have a way to remind people

The logo is an aleph. Is that for infinity or for hebrew? The letter carved into the head of the golem…?


  • personal expense record
  • quite secure
  • have apps for android, iphone & maemo
  • sync to web
  • on web, can analyze, export
  • currently 45,000 users, 1/3 active
  • iPhone downloads in 3 weeks almost surpassed Android’s 6 months
  • are in negotiation with banks for auto-download
  • currently have a freemium model, looking for investment from banks for rebranding
  • some great observations:
    • RIM apps generally look ugly
    • front end and usability on mobile apps takes 50% of development time
    • cross platform development is nose bleeding expensive!

Collinson Group

  • Columbus Insurance is one of their brands
  • a mobile trip planner
    • but with a surprisingly comprehensive offline database of airports, flight plans, hotels and car hire
  • had a desktop version for quite a few years, just brought across to Apple platform


Adrian Cuthbert

  • bookmarks in that point to specific places within apps
  • want to add Android version too
  • if app not available, offers to download it from store
  • would like apps to supply relevant info

Milestone Planner

Benjamin Ellis

  • need a plan, but things change very fast
  • wanted a plan on a page that everyone could update
  • webapp written with HTML5 and javascript
  • server keeps a full history of all changes
    • can view as list in webapp, RSS, export to twitter
  • facilitating a discussion around the plan
  • automatically generate weekly reports in PDF
  • most planners are based on TODOs, this is based on outcomes and people instead, larger scale


  • big screens that people can interact with by making voice phone calls
  • good demo, with great timing from the presenter

Liquid Air Lab

  • 480 apps developed on most popular smartphone platforms
  • 7.8 million users
  • 33,000 downloads per day
  • Android users are little more techie
  • BlackBerry users especially in the US
  • Nokia user… is catching up fast… !?!?
  • Ovi store has overtaken iPhone share
    • (since they have a special category for Radio apps…)
  • iPhone is going down in share compared to the others
  • started on Symbian and moved on to iPhone, etc
  • now have 7 platforms…

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