Sunday, 14 November 2010

BarCamp London 8: Real time notifications

Tim Nash @tnash &

More details may be available on lanyrd

  • HTTP not designed to be real time
  • PayPal postbacks are a pain the butt
    • don’t use the recommended system
    • just return 200 and make a call to a standard fetch transaction
  • XMPP is just XML underneath
  • Favourite: XMPP PubSub
    • publish ATOM in a message
    • though doesn’t have to be ATOM, but helps if it’s XML
  • implementations: OpenFire (Java) & EJabbard (Erlang)
  • avoid BOSH & similar (XMPP over javascript) unless you have no choice
    • i.e. if you need to do the final step to an AJAX front end

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