Monday 2 April 2012

MomoLondon: Demo Night 2012

Demo Night is one of the most popular events in the Mobile Monday London calendar. Lots of new ideas all at once!


Peter O’Shaunessy (@poshaunessy)) & Rene Bastijans (@renebastijans)

  • Work for Pearson Future Technologies team
  • developed with BBC Active & DK + wikitude
  • AR tourist guide with audio phrases
  • available on Google Play and the App Store
  • uses wikitude’s beta AR engine
    • chose it because you get to write the app using web technologies (so two apps for free)
  • would envisage the real app having embedded data


Sean O’Sullivan @sos100

  • “offers, points and more that only unlock in-store”
  • proximity nerds (bluetooth, zigbee, NFC, etc)
  • actions: near, tap, scan
  • reactions
  • shopkick pioneered the format
  • collect points just for going in the venue
  • provide retailers with a beacon
  • “we like NFC for all the things that aren’t payment”

Go my Life

Michael Mulquin, IS Communications

Try it out on

  • online social networking platform tailor made for the over-60s
  • older people more concerned about privacy
    • cautious about posting as they’re not sure who will see it
  • like things to be step by step
  • “facebook without the confusion”
    • but can post to facebook
  • come out of a European project:
    • have a group of people in UK and Poland trying it out

six3 video messenger

Simon Frost @spli, @six3

  • asynchronous video messaging
  • either need the app or use it on the web
  • can send a message to someone’s email address
  • at the moment, it streams video but they plan to cache locally in the future
  • all messages are private


  • lesson/activity creator
  • creates mobile-friendly content from a clean HTML interface
    • quizzes, videos
  • can share content to people via an iOS app, mobile web, or mobile emulator on the website
  • subscription model with a transaction fee


  • free self-publishing platform for readers and writers
  • mainly for younger people
  • social story-telling
  • had 280,000 comments since launch
    • very engaged audience
  • featured as New & Noteworthy in the app store
  • app can send comments
  • website can create content
  • “we aren’t monetising at the moment”…

android enigma simulator

Franklin Heath Ltd @heathcr

  • very pretty enigma simulator
  • looks especially good on an Android Tablet
  • also collecting donations for Bletchley Park
  • spent a lot of time getting to work on all Android devices & versions
  • can send messages to friends via Android sharing intent

one man MVNO

impossible telecom @danlane

  • early adopters wanted:
  • a new kind of MVNO focussing on:
    • innovation
    • customer service
    • transparency
  • sharing bundles of texts, minutes, data between devices
  • 3rd party APIs for core of network
  • divorcing devices and numbers
    • one number on multiple devices
    • multiple numbers on single device
  • static IP addresses for M2M SIMs

Dtouch mobile

Shakir Ali, IntelliDzine

Horizon Institute, University of Nottingham

Tone push

  • “your ringtone on someone else’s phone”
  • web and app based
  • currently Android-only, but would work on iOS too
  • if the other person has the app, then this app/website will set the other person’s custom ringtone for you


Raj Singh,

  • “Your trusted mobile marketplace”
  • reverse market place: buyer does the posting, not the seller
  • initially focussed on students and housewives — 2,500 sellers in system already
    • created a “Campus CEO” system to drive adoption
  • iOS first: “people who have iPhones think they’re cool and want other people to do things for them”
    • going for Android later
  • have PayPal payment at the moment; planning to add bank account connection later


  • demo’ed at last year’s Mobile Monday London
  • more and more museums and galleries signing up

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