Thursday 24 January 2013

MomoLondon: Demo Night 2013

Another fun demo night from Mobile Monday London. Some new ideas and some old — you never know which ones are going to stick!

My bets are on Vyclone and Critical Arc…

Blue Badge Style

Fiona Jarvis & Kishan Gupta @bluebadgestyle

  • a guide for the discerning less able
  • app available for iOS: Blue Badge Style
  • graduated from the Mobile Monday & UCL Mobile Academy
    • (it’s really great! sign up now! :-))
  • social media advisor suggested:
    • video of app to attract people to download
    • RSS feed in app
  • added TTS (but not voiceover?)
  • got 1000 downloads in Nov (PR & press) + 300/month afterwards

Boss Level - Scavengers

Nick Brown @boss_level

  • game based solely in HTML5
  • aimed at PC, mobiles, tablets & smart TVs
  • want same control system across everything
    • up down left right & select - lowest common denominator
    • fixed 720x720 resolution at the moment (will need to change for different devices)
  • closed alpha at the moment
  • aiming for Kickstarter to raise profile
  • cross between xcom & worms
  • freemium business model with in-game purchases
  • also thinking about a store for game assets
    • there’s a game editor that allows you to completely customise levels and characters
  • would rather not have in-game adverts, but depends on the eyeballs
  • currently two developers


  • NFC tags for street furniture
  • 1500 tags displayed in Strasbourg
  • real-time transport info
  • integrated with cycle info too
  • also has event & POI database
  • POI tags show POI info first, transport tags show transport info first
  • tags have QR codes too
  • license the platform to municipalities
    • though not sure how well it would go down with councils that already have their own portals….

Critical Arc

  • previous company led security & surveillance for Olympics
  • security & safety in large open spaces
    • e.g. universities
  • define SafeZones where there is a response team available
  • security team have an app to see a situational view of the campus
  • free app to call for help & get notified
  • have created a platform for sharing location and situational information
  • universities are first market
  • no tracking in the background for general public
  • security officers are tracked in the background
  • Wi-Fi positioning covers off GPS issues
  • can report on security staff location — heatmaps etc, can be used to actively plan response

Decibel Analytics @decibelanalytic

  • actionable analytics
  • object maps, which integrate with elements on page, to show which are actually being clicked
  • attention maps — shows which areas of page are actually viewed
    • i.e. where is the fold for all your customers…?
  • which content is contributing most to goals & revenue generation
  • can filter by device and by incoming source
  • adding A/B testing soon

Men’s Fitness UK iPad app

Paul Cooper, Design Director, Dennis Publishing @dmfcoops

iPad app: Men’s Fitness UK

  • COPE — create once, publish everywhere
  • Drupal CMS with responsive design & native elements
  • started with The Week (iPhone & iPad)
    • takes one person one day to lay out
    • less than 100Mb an issue
  • now done a monthly magazine — more content
  • Drupal 7 & responsive is a complex thing
  • Adobe DPS takes over a week to lay out an issue of EVO
  • content producers (photogs etc) struggled a little with responsive design, but get training
  • can preview the issue before generating the app
  • looking at licensing the system to other parties
  • developing a system like InDesign that outputs responsive HTML


Globo plc - Enterprise Mobility in a BYOD world

  • deploy access to back office systems in a secure manner
  • no need for mobile device managment
  • client app available from standard app stores
  • three products:
    • office — point and go
    • mobilizer — development for custom enterprise apps (cross-platform)
    • reach — make apps for customers

Trademob - mobile click fraud protection

Adrienne Gauldie @adriennegauldie (

  • did a study in june (6m clicks)
    • 22% accidental (< 0.1%)
    • 10% botnet & hijacked clients
    • 8% server-side fraud
  • can see it from data…
    • e.g. in-app clicks from non-mobile user agents
  • don’t get fraudulent clicks from publishers with real customers
  • building a blacklist of dodgy publishers
  • 100 people in company

Vyclone @vyclone

Download the app for iPhone

  • wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make a single video from all the angles at a rock concert…?
  • combine multiple vids in one
    • had 200 people filming a Jason Mraz concert
    • 150 people at Ed Sheeran in Hammersmith Apollo
  • business model:
    • lots of interest from music industry
    • want to get footage and release it to fans for behind the scenes
  • copyright: music industry recognise that this is already happening
    • now they get access to video, so a win-win
    • customers can choose to keep video private, or share with everyone
  • app is winning lots of awards!


Marc Sallent, We Choose Fun

  • record 5 secs of ambient sound while taking a picture
  • JPEG + MP3 = JPEG! (plus extensions)
    • all devices can still show it
    • web site can play audio with just one line of javascript
  • why not just take a short video?
    • want to capture a moment, not tell a story


Geraint, Animal Systems

Download the app for iPhone

  • send small amounts of data using sound
  • want to release an API for third parties
  • have an arduino that can chirp
  • teach the machines to sing!

Catch-up with last year’s demos

Two of last year’s Demo Night presenters returned to give us an update. See my notes from last year.

Ko-Su @kosumobile

mobile learning for everyone

  • demoed last year, one month pre-release
  • been accepted into BBC Worldwide Labs
  • material created in lots of countries around the world
  • now “officially out of pre-revenue” (?)


Simon Frost, CTO @spli

  • started out as a private closed network — a messaging thing
  • sports stars started using it to keep in touch with their public, but also to communicate with their private street marketing teams
  • made it onto WAYRA Telefonica business incubator

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