Sunday 10 November 2013

MomoLondon: MWC2014 Stand Competition Live Final

10 companies competing to win a place on the UKTI stand at Mobile World Congress 2014 and press & media activity to go with it. ICT KTN, Mobile Monday London, UKTI and Cambridge Wireless all work together to whittle down the competitors to a shortlist of 10, all competing for five places on the stand.

All the companies this year were remarkably different — in their approach, their development stage and their presentation styles.

In the audience vote, I went for Changify, but the five who were selected were PeachInc, 5 Tiles, 23 Snaps, Capito and Viewranger.

There’s also an official blog post with pictures on the Mobile Monday London blog.

Red Glasses

Adam Martin, Founder @RedGlassesApps

  • embedding rich content into 3D objects
  • have built a native 3D engine for iPad that deals with data
  • also built two sample apps:
    1. visualization of magnified Earth heights
    2. showing videos on a 3D globe
  • aim to partner with media & content organisations
  • have built bespoke apps for clients for last 15 years
  • want to expand to a white-label product
  • other demos:
    • showing travel time from a point across the globe
    • luxury retail, where purchasing from

Changify: Design for Social Change

Priya Prakash, Founder @Changify

  • basic idea:
    1. spot & share ideas for problems
    2. get support from friends & neighbours
    3. ideas get backed by brands & biz
    4. earn credits for making the change
  • partnering with Clear Channel to make a digital bus stop
    • crowdsourcing local opinion by voting on screen
    • touch & NFC
  • council get realtime data of reports
  • running a 3 month trial with Guardian Data at Elephand & Castle
  • working with councils & local businesses
  • has been available for 6 months
  • also accessible via SMS


Sean Redmond, CEO @Coveritas

  • based in Bletchley Park
  • founding team did functional verification of hardware verification
  • have applied same system to software functional testing
  • specialise in machine to machine interoperability
  • uses randomisation & rules (constraints) to generate end to end use case tests
    • 3GP took 9,000 hours of test engineering
  • looking to partner with domain experts in M2M standards testing
  • customers are those companies with massive test labs for M2M interoperability
  • have an annual time-based license model


Leon Hardwick, Director Global Sales & Marketing; Andrew Blake, CTO @SpatialBuzz

  • cloud-based customer experience management for mobile operators
  • delivering info on status and capability of network
  • give the operator an idea of how customers are reacting
  • can also provide an early warning to operator of issues
  • mix together operator outage & planned works with crowd-sourced input
  • can cater for any service delivered geographically
  • deployed with Telefonica UK & Germany, also Tesco Mobile
  • benefits seen:
    • reduction in calls
    • reduction in response times
    • improving customer satisfaction


Dr Daniel Morris @PeachInc

  • mobile ticketing using the “MorrisCode” — 2D barcode
    • patented format
  • optimised to be read from electronic displays
  • at the moment PeachInc are the only people who can read them
  • displays well on small screens
  • stores a 16 digit number
  • have built a suite of apps
    • can receive tickets via SMS (even on iPhone)
  • also make hardware
  • will be integrated into a
  • biggest customer so far Saudi Professional football league
  • versus QR codes:
    • reads faster and more successfully
    • reads at 20 frames a second with most mobile cameras
    • 5,000 people at an event with 100% success rate
    • 60,000 football matches in Saudi Arabia with no problems


Michal Kubacki, Inventor & CEO; Piotr Pieczynski, CFO @fivetiles

  • keyboard for Android
  • business model based on app sales & licensing deals
  • works well for smartwatches (with a touch screen)
    • takes a small amount of screen space
    • have a demo on i’m watch Android smartwatch
  • looking to port to Windows & iOS
  • also getting keyboard tested by RNIB
  • currently have 100s of users on Android
    • and 4,000 downloads of the training app
  • takes about 30-45 minutes to learn the combinations
  • working to make the learning curve lower all the time


Meaghan Fitzgerald, CMO; Ivailo Jordanoc, Co-Founder @23Snaps

  • mobile-first private social network for families
  • spans across different generations
  • also organise photos by date & location
  • 500K registered users
  • posting one photo every second
  • make money by selling photo print products
  • have users in 179 countries
  • going to be launching in Brazilian Portuguese
  • content owned by creators
  • also provide a one-click export of all content
  • wanting to meet consumer electronics, mobile networks, etc
  • don’t want advertising next to family photos
  • may go for other monetization such as premium features

Available for iPhone, Android, Windows 8, email, web and printed books!

Capito Systems

Tony Ballardie, CEO @CapitoSystems

  • speech assistant technology specifically for mobile commerce
  • about to sign first customer
  • language variations, background noise?
    • have focussed on language understanding rather than speech recognition
  • aiming to license to mobile commerce companies
  • have built support tools to enable customers to build up a speech corpus of domain language


Ben Howard, Marketing & Sales Exec; Craig Wareham, CEO & Co-Founder @viewranger

  • digital mobile platform for outdoor activities
  • interest-based social network
  • publishing platform
  • trail guide marketplace
  • over 2 million app downloads
  • used by over 100 search & rescue teams in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, Ukraine
  • work with 22 mapping agencies & trail guides from 400 brands
    • including CAMRA :-)
  • wanting to engage with handset OEMs & wearable manufacturers
  • earn revenue through:
    • premium in-app data & services (maps & guides)
    • premium services & analytics for brands
    • syndication of content
    • could go for advertising in the future (have steered away so far to keep UX well)
  • main competitors are still dedicated devices
  • there are sport-based apps that seem to be fragmenting the need

Available for iPhone & iPad, Android and Nokia

UBIAPPS (Nquiring Minds)

Nick Allot, CEO @nallott

  • secure end to end framework for managing apps both online & offline
  • server management + enterprise-grade security is proprietary
  • protocol is open-source (JSON-RPC over HTTP)
  • all nodes are two-way — can manage apps and IoT devices using the same system
  • easy & quick to integrate on any device
  • looking to work with system integrators
  • seen most interest so far from asset tracking systems


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