Monday 29 September 2014

MomoLondon: Demo Night 2014

Amazingly enough this demo night finished on time and even a little bit early. Thanks to Julia Shalet for keeping things running smoothly on the night and Jo Rabin too for the varied selection of demos — lots of great ideas.

Pictures and more commentary on the Mobile Monday Blog.

5 Tiles

Android keyboard app

Previous demo night success

  • Christian Lindholm now an advisor & investor
  • available on Android Wear (Samsung Gear)
  • soon available on iOS


Benjamin Bourdin,

  • realtime video sharing
  • get any IP feed, apply title, edit
  • save & share using twitter, facebook, ooyala, brightcove etc
  • monetize through in-stream ads
  • initial customers are broadcasters
  • done deals with ITV & Sky Sports
  • also did wimbledon & big brother
  • also have a consumer platform: if a broadcaster wants to get people involved in sharing content

Good Food Talks

Matt Wadsworth,

  • web app to let visually impaired people read restaurant menus
  • a very few menus offer braille but only 1% of visually impaired people can read braille
  • surveyed 5000 people — main complaint was difficult navigation
  • web app has simple navigation
    • search/near me > restaurant name > menu
  • free for users
  • various ways of getting data in
    • restaurants pay for input
    • API ingest, full service, etc
  • commercial for just over a year
  • 400 venues
  • biggest so far is Carluccio’s, then Pret


Chris Michael, CEO,

  • additional mobile numbers on your phone
  • just closing alpha tester list
  • free credits to alpha testers
  • only service that allows you to have multiple UK mobile numbers on your phone
  • aiming for worldwide too


Ian Masters & Albert Marshall,

  • mobile quiz games
  • opt-in adverts for rewards
  • all four versions are available on iOS, Google & Amazon
    • movies, pop, world football, video games
  • targeting around existing passions
  • also want to target venues with seats


Martin Sandstrom & Mark Lee,

  • split your bill when you live in a house share
  • direct connection to various providers
    • energy, TV, phone, etc
  • push notifications to other housemates
  • settle bill with paypal (peer to peer is free)
  • no business model at moment
    • aiming for future paid features
  • aiming to attract lots of users first…
  • app available for iOS and Android


Douglas Robb,

  • location-enabled augmented reality
  • Android & iOS apps, CMS for template-based content
  • content discovery & engagement
  • can control timing of content as well
  • also support image-recognition-based AR
  • first commercial partner is Jockey Club
  • prototype app for Sandown Race Course
  • involving novice race-goers in the racing
  • planning to roll out to other Jockey Club venues


James Roy Poulter,

  • food to wherever you are
  • don’t need an address
  • only get a choice of four options (different each day)
  • authenticate through nexmo API by voice call
  • credit card payments only
  • launched 100 days ago in Trento, Italy
  • initially iOS only, then Android, + Windows coming next week
  • launching next week in London (now available in the City)
  • won an accelerator in Italy
  • worked with restaurants in Italy, but difficult for food in 10 minutes
  • aiming to get own centralized kitchen as margins are incredible
  • also get drivers — performance based pay
  • but made easier with centralized kitchen with limited delivery range


Frederick Tubiermont,

  • create mobile web apps on mobile for mobile
  • can now create apps on desktop too
  • web apps are square shaped
  • magic touch swipe to choose link destination
    • includes email, telephone
  • can embed videos, twitter feeds, etc
  • can embed adsy apps in web pages or just view on mobile
  • use case:
    • kids & teens making a web app about a concert during a concert
    • then sharing the evolving content
  • meant to create snackable content
  • will announce a product based on the platform in 2-3 weeks


Matthew Bridge,

  • business critical messages to smart watches
  • useful feature: view on device — opens up more detail on the phone through quick selection on watch
  • driven from enterprise resource planning
  • staff can subscribe to specific notifications


Mark Hill and Damon Hart-Davis,

  • 60% of your energy and 20% of UK emissions flow through TRVs
  • 50% of that energy is wasted
  • one thermostat usually controls whole house
  • target price £10 per radiator: save £300 in the first year
  • production samples coming mid-November
  • hotels losing £50 per room per year on heating bills

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