Tuesday 29 September 2009

OverTheAir '09: Mobile Visual Interactivity

Geoff Ballinger — mobile acuity

Geoff runs a mobile development agency in Scotland, specialising in applying vision technologies.

  • lots of real people use the camera on their phone
  • in 16-34 age group 78% have sent an MMS, 48% cameras regularly
  • there are graveyards in Japan with QR codes on each headstone!
    • scan them to get some details about the person
  • examples:
    • take a picture of a goal and MMS it — it responds with a mobile web page that tells you whether you scored, then pulls you in to further interaction
    • Nike PhotoiD — find some colours you like, send it in and get a picture of trainers coloured that way
  • Visual search apps on iPhone store (CDs and books):
  • recognise images from database of 10m
  • code libraries
    • Haar recogniser
    • ARToolkit
  • web service APIs: Kooaba & Mobile Acuity (available on a per-use basis)
    • feature recognition from images

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