Tuesday 29 October 2013

Droidcon 2013: Android Based Dongles & Wearable Accessories

Ken Blakeslee, Chairman WebMobility Ventures

  • scanadu, bracelets, knife with screen!
  • argus app on iOS - life monitor, incl. sleep
  • Ken has been wearing fitbit, pebble, fitbug, misfit shine for about 3 weeks to compare

smart dongles

  • digital signage, using mini pc dongles
    • e.g. kestronics mini pc
  • dongle only needs HDMI input in TV
  • e.g. imerz platform
    • control big screen from tablet by using smart dongle
    • selecting video using image comparison
    • adding tags to video content

smart glasses

  • insideAR conference by metaio
  • AR moving from PC centric to person centric (going mobile)
  • the technology is no longer the issue
  • vuzix M100: full android implementation in a glasses form
    • can port apps onto it
    • doesn’t have cellular but has wi-fi…
    • head tracking, gps, wqvga display
    • aiming at enterprise rather than consumer
    • focussing on big company lead partners first
    • available for smaller companies in November
  • not yet consumer devices
  • industrial, construction, medical, automotive, customer service
  • this use and google glass are conventional AR — we’re still waiting to see something consumer facing…

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