Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Droidcon 2013: Remote Styling

Peter Nash


  • styling using CSS on top of Android views
  • live updating
  • free software — make their money from support

  • can pick up images — automatically cached & scaled to correct size

  • multiple background images on a view
  • can use in both Android & iOS
    • allows platform-specific overrides
  • allows designers to adjust UI
    • using language they understand
    • on multiple devices at once
    • without needing to make a new build
  • can use media queries (e.g. device-width)
  • dynamic styles based on settings in the app
  • can apply a promotion in the app for a day
  • android support:
    • API 10 (2.3) with additional setup
    • API 14 with single line setup
  • suggested as a value for key bits, not for the whole app
  • uses a single CSS for all activities

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