Tuesday 29 October 2013

Droidcon 2013: CyanogenMod

Abhisek Devkota, Community Manager, Cyanogen Inc, @ciwrl

Shane Francis, device maintainer, CyanogenMod community, @BumbleDroid

  • nexus comes with fastboot but other devices need root etc.
  • building easy installer
    • google play app + PC app
  • pro version going to be locked down a bit more
    • root is off, but easily available — phone secure for mass market appeal
    • aiming for new releases every two weeks
  • CM Account — equivalent of Find my iPhone & iCloud
    • 4GB of storage per user, but shared across devices
  • working with moxie marlinspike (redphone, whisper systems) on secure end to end messaging
  • system level additions
    • latest conversations: across multiple apps (gmail, hangouts, etc)
    • allows recent contacts
    • added various framework additions, e.g. share video to Roku Airplay
  • would be first time Google has certified a community-based android spinoff
  • hope to have a bounty programme by mid-next year — especially for security issues
    • also been purchasing devices for maintainers

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