Tuesday 29 October 2013

Droidcon 2013: Awesomeness Checklist

Taylor Ling, http://AndroidUIUX.com

  • attention to detail


  • find balance between subtle & noticeable
  • should provide information
  • make sure to use standard animations
  • e.g. don’t change root screen exit — otherwise users don’t know what’s happened (why was that different?)


  • microinteractions: dan saffer
  • visual feedback — show highlighted touch area when pressed down (and ensure that the areas are big enough)
  • watch out for dialogs — and make sure there’s no ambiguous buttons
  • e.g. preventing screenshots — at least the user why you have done so
  • need to make the rules of the app visible
  • for side menus, it’s important to push the current view into the background when the menu appears
    • make it darker / blurred


  • quick tutorial: introduction of the value of the app
  • not how to use the app
  • have a help section (offline if possible)

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