Sunday 23 November 2008

Future of Mobile 08: 6x6 UK Bloggers Perspectives

6 UK mobile-related bloggers stood up to give their perspective on the industry at the moment. The general consensus seemed to be “it’s sh*t”! This session is when the conference really started to come alive.

Andrew Grill (london calling)

  • Permission, Privacy, Preference This cartoon got repeated at least three times during the conference!
  • Gigafone: permission and preference-based ads when incoming calls received
  • I’m not convinced how many people will fill in preference profile unless they’re offered long-term monetary rewards like Blyk…

Vero Pepperrell (thatcanadiangirl)

Why Community Matters
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  • Make community into your evangelists
  • Respect
    • Let your staff be a part of your brand
    • Take your time
    • Let your users talk
  • Responsibility
    • Be willing to educate, not dictate your users’ choices
    • Honesty & transparency
  • Reputation
    • Virtuous circle
  • Your users will be talking about you somewhere — listen to them
  • Ensure your support email doesn’t fall on deaf ears
  • Feedback is sometimes great but sometimes hurts — you have to be able to listen

Helen Keegan (technokitten)

  • Why there is no future to mobile…
  • Must change the way that we’re going
    • Stop talking about technology
      • It doesn’t matter — needs to reliable, fast, affordable, relevant
      • Rowntree foundation: Mobile phone is essential to modern living
    • Stop silly data tariffs
      • Where is the 1p a minute tariff (up to max of £12.99 a month)
      • Having no contract is a big deal
    • Stop making apps for geeks & promobs
      • My sister has just about changed her ringtone on Nokia 3310
      • My brother has a RAZR — it’s a huge embarrassment to me
      • My dad has sent me an SMS once and it was empty
      • My nieces love their mobiles but they don’t have a contract
    • Stop the culture gap
      • web / mobile
      • operators / mobile developers
      • Mobile internet is here today — not worth less ‘cos it’s not full fat
    • Stop being obsessed with Western world
      • Most users will not be in US, UK or even in Europe
    • Don’t forget that the phone is primarily a communication device
      • Personal, precious
      • Our access to the outside world, friends, families, colleagues
      • Don’t abuse it
      • Make it simple

James Whatley (whatleydude)

  • Hired by mippin as Product Manager / Customer Champion for a year
  • Learnt that there wasn’t enough customer testing
  • Must consider hiring people straight out of university
    • They know how to do stuff on their mobiles without even thinking
  • 29 on Friday and he’s the youngest person at SpinVox
  • “Give something back and they will give a hell of lot back to you”

Jemima Kiss (Guardian)

  • Impatient for mobile
  • Sort out bill shock — it’s really boring

Ewen MacLeod (mobile industry review)

  • Changed SMS Text News to Mobile Industry Review
  • Got a new Nokia N95 8Gb from T-Mobile as an upgrade
    • Does not connect to data!! What’s the point!
  • Wanted to show off Google Maps on Blackberry when arriving at Gare du Nord
    • Fail! Did not connect
    • (Don’t mind about paying roaming charges)


Andrew Grill said...

Adam, regarding your comment

"I’m not convinced how many people will fill in preference profile unless they’re offered long-term monetary rewards like Blyk…"

You're exactly right. This is why with the Gigafone model, operators give users credit towards free minutes, airtime, content etc with every ad they see, and extra credit for updating their profile.

So when the phone rings, or an SMS is received, they get a direct benefit.

We've found that if you're open that you will get "free stuff" for filling in the profile, people do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the notes, I hope you found our short presentations useful. I tried to steer clear from "It's sh*t", and encouraging companies to take action. I hope it inspired a few ppl.

Saw in the first few rows in the middle, meant to go say hi after, but the day seemed to fly by!

Hope you had a good conference