Sunday 23 November 2008

Future of Mobile 08: Open Screen Project

Matthew Millar — Director of Mobile and Devices EMEA, Adobe

  • generations of Adobe platforms: PostScript, PDF, Flash, AIR
  • Now see two development areas: Client + Cloud, Device + ??
  • Trying to balance between client & cloud — AIR
    • Rich application on client, but taking advantage of the cloud
  • Massive growth in Flash-enabled devices — expecting to surpass 1 billion next year
    • But 1 billion nowhere near enough in mobile
    • Only 20% of devices, compared to Nokia S40,S60 J2ME 40% Device Platform Fragmentation
  • Open Screen Project:
    • use Flash & AIR as technology foundation Adobe Media Player screenshot what a ridiculous screenshot! How high is the resolution on the phone on the right!
    • Removed license restrictions & fees on use of SWF & FLV/F4V specs
      • Other people could create their own Flash player
    • Working to make Flash Player & AIR updateable over the air
      • No use having old players out in the market
    • Flash Lite player now open too
      • available to developers as OTA download
      • supports S60 and Windows Mobile
      • Now beta, live in 2009
      • See
    • ARM & Adobe optimizing Flash Player 10 for ARM v6 & v7
      • Full platform, not just Lite
    • Q: What about connecting to hardware APIs, like SonyEricsson Capuchin?
      • Adobe very supportive of Capuchin
      • Will see other manufacturers doing same, e.g. Qualcomm exposing BREW to Flash
    • FlashCast Channels
      • Project with Telenor in Sweden
      • Expecting to launch commercially in Q1 next year, first in Sweden then in other Nordic territories

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