Monday 24 November 2008

Future of Mobile 08: Advertising, Advocacy, Attitude & Aptitude (What!?)

Jonathan MacDonald — Ogilvy One

Jonathan gave an impassioned speech arguing that all advertising should be personalised; that companies should work with their customers to offer them opportunities to buy more things they like; and involve them in encouraging their friends to buy the same things too.

It kind of sounds like a friendly way to do things, but it’s still all about persuading people to buy more stuff. Using social media for advertising can work well up to a point, but to make the things that Tomi and Jonathan talk about work, you need access to a fluidity of data that isn’t there for most of the world — yet. And I’ve a nasty feeling that aggressive, Blade Runner-style advertising will keep on winning enough new customers to keep the corporates interested.

  • Would you accept advertising on your mobile?
    • Of course not — it’s too personal!
  • New advertising model: brand as facilitator
    • see David Armano for graphics
    • Creating armies of fanatics
    • What happens after brand awareness?
    • e.g. pizza company will pay you £100 if you complain — it’s cheaper than losing £500 due to lost sales
  • We are not consumers
    • We tolerate segmentization and useless marketing
    • We filter out stuff that doesn’t mean anything to us — sometimes even before we find out if it’s actually useful
    • JMac would like to abolish toleration of non-personalised marketing
    • It still works for my 5 year-old son — though I wish it wouldn’t… :-)
    • “If it fails once, it’s an outright fail”
    • How not to do it: Jose Avila was sued for making loads of FedEx furniture & blogging about it
      • Fedex said that he “violated their terms of use” — a great way to put off lots of customers!
      • Wikipedia: “The dispute attracted widespread press attention, and Avila was frequently interviewed to tell his side of the story”
  • More buzzwords: Vendor Relationship Management & Vaporframes
    • "Apple would make more money if they know I wanted them to contact me by MMS & phone, rather than email"
  • Advertising with people not to them

Full presentation available online

Jonathan is on twitter and has a blog.

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JMac said...

Thanks Adam!

I have a feeling that the nasty, blade-runner style advertising will die.

It will become a laughing stock in the new world and we will find it hard to remember how the f*&k we got away with it.