Sunday 23 November 2008

Future of Mobile 08: Global Data Trends, Mobile as 7th Mass Media

Tomi Ahonen

Tomi gave a rousing presentation that was almost too fast to follow. His blogs are full of information and, as Tom put it, slightly scary stats.

  • Joke:
    • If you get upset by other people bringing phones to table — you’re in your 50s
    • If you can leave it somewhere else on silent — in your 40s
    • If you keep phone with you but go to bathroom to txt — in your 30s
    • If you can send txt messages under the table — in your 20s
    • If you are txting on two phones at once — in your teens!
  • Introduction:
    • Known as the guy who knows where the money is
    • Now lives in Hong Kong
  • Exactly 10 years ago since mobile content industry was born
    • First downloadable ringtone launched in Autumn of 1998
    • Now grown to $30Bn industry in 10 years
  • This presentation is not about voice calls, enterprise, mobile commerce, telematics
  • As new media arises, content migrates to new medium
    • But content designed for new medium does not migrate back
  • Customer stats:
    • 91% of people keep phone within arms reach 24hrs a day
    • Mobile phone usage is addictive…
    • More dangerous than being drunk or stoned when driving
    • 63% will not share content with spouse
    • One in three partners will snoop on your phone
    • 25% UK couples sleep apart due to one of them spending their time on mobile tech :-)
  • What are each of the previous media doing with mobile?
    • Print: mobile books are $82 million industry in Japan
      • In 2007, 5 out of 10 best selling printed books in Japan were originally mobile books
    • Recordings, Cinema, Radio, Television…
    • Internet:
    • Habbo Hotel — can make money from stuff that’s already available for free
    • Another example: Mice Love Rice — wrote a song and made available for free as MP3
      • Already had 100 million downloads (i.e. everybody who wanted it already had it)
      • An operator made it available as a ringback tone and made $22 million!
      • (The only way to install a ringback tone is via your operator)
  • Mobile mass media — can do everything that others do plus extras:
    • personal
    • permanently connected
    • always carried
    • built-in payment channel
    • present at creative impulse
    • most accurate audience
      • can capture 90% audience
    • captures social context of media consumption
      • by seeing who communicates while event is happening
  • Some more examples of mobile-specific media:
    • Carbon Diem
      • tracks how your mobile moves
      • uses movement profile of bus, walking, car, etc
      • then uses info to track your carbon usage
    • Tohato World’s Worst War
      • Invited people buying snacks to fight on online war
      • Pick your side based on the snack you ate, then pick a location for your battle
      • If you recruited people to join, you got promoted
      • Had 100,000 downloads each day
      • People went to facebook to plan where they would battle
    • Hoshi-Ichi Maniac
      • Joining big brother voting with quiz shows
      • Create an avatar & join live television quiz show
      • Camera zooms looking at all avatars — you can see your name on TV
      • 200,000 live users on first run
    • MediaSeek developed Kamera Jiten — Cameraphone OCR Translator
      • Displays answer on your phone screen
  • New report coming out
    • Some samples:
      Unique Mobile Users
      SMS Users by Age
      Regional Split of Mobile Media Income
    • Watch blog 7thMassMedia for lots of similar writings
    • To get more reports, send Tomi an email at end of November
  • Feel free to use Tomi’s slides (but I could only find the slightly out of date ones shown below)
  • Join!
    • need enrollment key: forumoxford

Here's a slightly older version of the same presentation from slideshare (but you don't get the feel of being there!):

the 7th media
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