Saturday 13 November 2010

BarCamp London 8: A Beginner's Guide To Whisky

Billy Abbot @cowfish

Billy’s Booze Blog

Slides available via lanyrd

  • Colour comes from the cask
  • Grain whisky has other grains as well as malted barley
    • also distilled in fractional towers
    • comes out much lighter
    • often used as the base for other products
  • whisky flavours change mostly due to tradition
  • campbeltown do briny salty whiskies
  • master of malt — sell 3cl sample jars so you can try before you buy a whole bottle
  • many distillers are teetotal
    • including half the staff of one distillery
    • don’t need to drink to check the whisky — can nose it
  • Richard Paterson is chief taster of Whyte & Mackay
  • Port Charlotte — bought by Bruichladdich
    • had a lot of stock which was boring
    • doing experimental things with it
    • Port Charlotte is very peaty
  • nosing:
    • stick your nose in, move it around a bit
  • taiwanese whisky comes out black as it evaporates so fast
  • watering down changes flavour
    1. partly reveals flavours amongst very strong flavour
    2. also has a chemical change
  • can get whisky barrel speakers!
    • a Japanese company will do so…
  • biggest single malt market in the world is… France!

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The article I mentioned about what water does to drinks is by Harold McGee: