Saturday 13 November 2010

BarCamp London 8: British Sign Language


More details may be available on lanyrd

  • learning level 2 at the moment
  • Deaf with big D is about how you would like to communicate, not about hearing
  • some words look similar but mean very different things…
    • facial expression / shitty
    • black / prostitute
  • dialects also differ across the UK
    • you can have a northern accent in BSL…
    • “live” (asin “I live in…”) in London is stroking shoulder
    • in Blackpool, the same sign means “toilet”…
  • vowels are RH pointing at fingers on LH
    • i.e. A is RH pointing at thumb; U is pointing at pinkie
  • computer: screen LH, RH typing
  • engineer: two hands together as cogs
  • please and thank you use the same sign, but different lips
  • resources:

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