Saturday 13 November 2010

BarCamp London 8: One year running it all on the cloud

Alistair Hann — runs Zoombu

More detail may be available on lanyrd

  • started off running a dedicated host, LAMP stack
  • started using flexiant (FlexiScale)
  • moved to AWS to have images (flexiant didn’t have them -- though it does now)
  • use ElasticFox to manage instances
  • elastic IP can be moved from machine to machine within a few minutes
    • useful for IP-restricted services
  • zoombu have four servers running continually
    • 1 front end
    • 1 Java services
    • 2 MySql servers
  • failures can be grim — make sure you have redundancy
    • backups of EBS volumes
    • backups of images


Unknown said...

Thanks for the notes. Two things that may help people referring to them:

- Flexiscale do now offer images
- It's EBS (Elastic Block Store) not EDS
- The key thing with the image backups is to make the images (they are the backups). i.e. to take an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) after any change to the machine config/build that is not on an EBS volume (and that you would be annoyed to lose).

Adam Cohen-Rose said...

Thanks Ali -- corrections put in place :-)