Saturday 13 November 2010

BarCamp London 8: Windows Phone 7 & app development

Jess Meats

More details may be available later on lanyrd

  • Marketplace purchases
    • can link to an existing Live ID with a credit card
    • or can register card details on the phone
  • development kit for phone
    • get templates for visual studio & expression blend
    • get an emulator (includes IE mobile)
  • visual design all done in XAML
  • can use Expression Blend for design
    • allows you to drag & drop and design animations visually too
  • when registering as a developer, have to go through XBox Live…
    • in order to sign up to terms and conditions
  • app submission:
    • testing happens overnight
    • if there are test failures, get a report in the developer dashboard
    • problems may happen with GeoTrust…
    • need a notary to sign and stamp a physical document
    • getting paid requires you talking to US Embassy in London…
  • @simonmaddox: SDK works in Fusion, but not Parallels
    • requires a VM inside a VM
  • can register a device for development
  • sync to Google only gets main calendar at the moment
  • background processes can now put things on the lock screen (recent change)
    • as before, can also change the home screen tile and put toast notifications in the status bar

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