Friday 16 November 2007

Future of Mobile: Beyond WAP: Advance Browsing, Mobile Ajax, and the future of the Web

by Daniel Appelquist (Vodafone)

  • Voda are pushing forward on xHTML Reunification
    • XHTML Basic (W3C) vs XHTML-MP (Open Mobile Alliance, ex-WAP Forum)
  • Participating in W3C Ubiquitous Web working group
  • "In 5 years time, there will be only one web, and it will be the mobile web"
  • W3C has launched mobileOK from today
    • Tests plus open source java reference implementation for local checking
  • Mobile AJAX Workshop from Sep 2007:

  • DOJO has refactored itself and shrunk down to target iPhone and Nokia S60 browser
    • A lot of the bulk in DOJO was dealing with IE6, taking it out made the lib much smaller
  • Device access vs. security
  • SVG tiny 1.2 includes AJAX capabilities
    • e.g. Vodafone Germany - Bundesliga SVGt app running in Ikivo player
    • will move to be integrated within the browser
  • WICD - Web Integration Compound Document

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