Friday 16 November 2007

Future of Mobile: Next Generation UI

by Matt Millar (Adobe)

  • How do we make the content richer?
    • Especially for those people who are paying more for their device/contract
  • 77% of iPhone users said they were "very satisfied" with their device
    • Highest satisfaction level for any mobile device
  • The experience should be expressive, memorable and desirable

    • "Hey, isn't this great! Let me show it to you."
  • Expecting same quality of content as get on TV, PC, etc
    • The mobile is not the only way to get hold of (your) content
  • Animation helps guide and draw the eye towards things of interest
  • Transitions help ease context switches, avoid users losing focus
  • FlashLite 3 will be coming out on first devices Jan/Feb 2008

    • Supports video & up to Flash Player 8 content

    • Most content published on the web seems to be Flash Player 7 & 8

  • Not investing that much in SVG -- going for Flash instead
  • Integration with address book etc: nothing announced at the moment, but may be privately
  • Touch interaction is supported with Flash Lite 2 but devices do not necessarily support the hooks (even the ones with a touch interface...)
    • e.g. LG Prada has a touch-enabled Flash Lite player
  • There are more Nokia S60 devices in the market than there are Macs

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