Friday 16 November 2007

Future of Mobile: Cracking the Code: Developing for Mobile Devices

by Luca Passani (Admob)

  • Original web -- started without thinking about money
  • When companies started to monetize, they weren't able to muck with the basic standards
  • On the mobile web, companies are trying to monetize before the technology is solid
    • e.g. Vodafone & Novarra "breaking the underlying technology"

  • W3C denying the issue is there (One-Web)
  • WURFL updating process is a bit heavy to manage
    • 6Mb file, hand-edited by Luca
  • Building new public interface to WURFL
  • Enables users with accounts to add patches and download updated version on the fly
  • Luca can then merge in changes more easily
  • Other WURFL sub-communities: J2ME, Flash Lite & Video

  • WALL:
    • created in 2004 and looks it
    • new version WALL NG (WNG) allows css to degrade gracefully
    • object model with Java API & tag lib, integrates with JSTL

    • levels: XHTML advanced (level 3 or 4), XHTML simple (level 1 or 2) & WML (level -1 or 0)

      • only 5% of devices accessing mobile web are WML only
      • level 3 assumes no AJAX, level 4 supports AJAX
      • company working on AJAX for mobile that Luca intends to work with

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