Friday 16 November 2007

Future of Mobile: How the iPhone Will Change the Mobile Space

by Brian Fling (Blue Flavor)

  • Jason Devitt - Testimony before congress about operator anti-competitiveness

  • Uses video iPod as babysitting device for his daughter when out at a restaurant
  • iPhone is educating the consumer about what a mobile device can do
    • Nokia is happy that iPhone is encouraging web use as it helps sell higher-end Nokias
    • Introducing flat rate data
    • Has updatable software (and is easily updatable)
    • Makes difference between EDGE & Wifi clear - encourages users to demand better speed from networks

    • Big impact on web communities (introducing them to mobile)
  • Leaflets:

    • Reformatter from RSS to make look good on the iPhone
    • Also has a list of other iPhone apps
  • Daniel Applequist's daughter was able to enter a URL
    • She doesn't even know her letters -- doesn't know what URL to type
    • How many times have we complained of how hard it is to type in a URL on a phone
    • But if people spend $300 for a handset, they expect it to be unlocked

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