Thursday 8 September 2011

iOSDev UK: iPad-native Game Design: Exploring a New Gaming Interface

Gareth Jenkins, @36peas

  • iPad specific — using the iPad interface as primary interface to game mechanic
  • Multi-touch interfaces don’t work when you can’t see what you’re interfacing with
  • The iPad is more likely a shared device
  • iPad player more likely on the sofa than the toilet :-)
    • i.e. usage is more purposeful rather than filling time
  • areas of focus:
    • take advantage of space available
    • think about appropriate gestures
    • think about gaming context
    • think outside the (phone) box
    • iPad specific does not mean exclusively iPad — take the idea elsewhere as well
  • examples:
  • iPad provides more room for dedicated interaction areas
    • e.g. left hand & right hand controls on edges + general interaction in middle
  • ways to think about it
    • play lots of iPad games
    • play iPhone games scaled up and work out what’s wrong
    • look at the fingerprints on your device!

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