Thursday 8 September 2011

iOSDev UK: Real-World Data (or There and Back Again)

Hamish Allan, Olive Toast

The story of writing Files Pro — an app to take files with you on an iOS device.

  • Used Deusty’s CocoaHTTPServer
  • Dropbox has a nice API
    • operations are aynchronous
  • Gamekit makes device to device connection over bluetooth easy
  • Could use HTML5 to make a PC-based interface to an iOS app
    • Visit a web page served from the device from your PC and see a flexible app within your browser
  • iCloud
    • NSFilePresenter tells you when a file transfer has completed
    • iCloud syncs the meta-data about files first, using NSMetadataQuery
  • “Your market is not power users”
  • Apple is moving towards a flat list of files with search, rather than a hierarchical system


  • No hooks in iOS for AirDrop (yet?)
  • Nor any GameKit APIs which talk to desktop

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