Friday 9 September 2011

iOSDev UK: Standing Out from the Crowd

Craig Lockwood, HuwDavid, @craiginwales

  • put a QR code on the presentation screen for a voting web page
  • pre-render your icon so you have control of the gloss
  • localisation
    • french, dutch, german, italian translations pay dividends
  • app microsite
  • using social media
    • shout loudly yourself
    • and get your users to shout louder
    • “if you’re not ethical, at least be targeted”
  • make your app meta data relevant
  • watch out for the app size
    • you can’t download an app > 20Mb over 3G
    • you have one opportunity to sell — don’t waste it
  • niche press works well for niche products
    • e.g. rare pig breeds app (Guide to Pig Keeping), got featured in Farmers Weekly and got 6,000 downloads in a short period
  • getting designers:
    • there are plenty of media students who are looking for portfolio work…


  • how to deal with app store feedback complaints?
    • point to the app website & twitter account within the app
    • people look at the reviews more as the cost goes up (even if it’s only to £2.99)
    • get your friends and family to review when you release — get in first with 5 star reviews
    • good screenshots can filter out people who don’t understand the app
    • price tier 2 gets less scathing reviews than tier 1 & free

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