Thursday 8 September 2011

iOSDev UK: Making Money with In-App Purchases

Dave Verwer, shinydevelopment, @daveverwer

Developing in-app purchases in the Explore Flickr app

  • purchases can be:
    • content, functionality (permanent purchases)
    • services, subscriptions (repeatable purchases)
  • have to design your own store
  • in-app purchases restrictions:
    • no promo codes or volume purchases
  • store should answer:
    • what is this store?
    • what will I get if I upgrade?
    • big green friendly buy button
  • ruby script to switch info plist based on DEBUG/RELEASE — needed to switch between versions
  • measure success with analytics
    • log each stage to capture where people fall out
    • e.g. store shown, video played, upgrade button tapped, upgrade process complete
  • 1.6% conversion from Explore Flickr (from those who view the store)
  • A/B testing for store designs
    • HuffPost do A/B testing on headlines
    • have 3 choices for first hour, then automatically chosen
    • be consistent with presentation (don’t let people know we’re A/B testing them)
    • need to know if we’re still A/B testing
    • put both bits of code in app, and choose according to web check on first launch
  • Results:
    • store -> video -> upgrade pressed -> upgraded
    • A: 100% -> 7.5% -> 3.2% -> 1.6%
    • B: 100% -> 9.5% -> 3.5% -> 1.8%
    • interesting stat is that video
  • What next?
    • make the store more dynamic
    • downloaded plist file for wording
    • HTML for whole store page (but would need to download and cache it)

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